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Pearl Physical Therapy strives to keep up to date with treatments and technology that optimize one's health and wellness . One of these technological advancements we utilize is called BEMER.

What is BEMER?

BEMER therapy is an exciting new technology that we have incorporated into our office to maximize the effects of our treatment sessions. BEMER, or Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation, helps to increase circulation throughout the body by up to 30%. Blood, the basis of our circulatory system, helps to transport oxygen, nutrients, immune cells, hormones, and waste. When an individual’s cells, tissues and organs are able to receive the supplies they need, and expel the wastes they must dispose of, the individual’s body works more efficiently ans is healthier. After using BEMER, your blood vessels are able to transport all of these materials more efficiently for up to 18 hours. Therefore, BEMER uses your own body’s natural healing and self-regulating processes to help your body perform and recover optimally.

How does BEMER Work?

BEMER utilizes PEMFs or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to produce waves that pass through the body to increase circulation. The BEMER’s patented, low-frequency, multidimensional sinusoidal waveform is safe for the body, and targets small blood vessels (capillaries) to increase vasomotion. Vasomotion is spontaneous oscillation in the walls of the blood vessels that propels blood to its next destination. Through this safe improvement in vasomotion and in blood flow, your body can experience all of the benefits of enhanced blood flow with no adverse side effects. POOR LOCAL BLOOD FLOW vs. GOOD LOCAL BLOOD FLOW

See the difference between healthy blood flow and slow- moving blood flow? Optimized blood flow in healthy leg muscles is vital to functional muscular performance.

BEMER’s Amazing Benefits

· Improve Circulation

· Enhance Oxygen and Nutrient Supply

· Improve Cardiac Function

· Enhanced Metabolic Waste Removal

· Improve Physical Fitness

· Enhance Endurance and Strength

· Improve Concentration and Mental Acuity

· Enhance Relaxation

· Reduce Stress

· Enhance Sleep Regulation

· Improve Sleep Management

BEMER at Pearl PT

One of the most common and important tasks of physical therapy is to promote optimal blood flow. It has been shown that reduced blood flow is often one of the main causes of muscular discomfort and chronic injury. By utilizing the BEMER, our experienced and well-trained clinical staff are able to facilitate increased efficiency of improved blood flow, promote healing and performance, and help you accomplish your goals in health, wellness and life.

Useful Links

Hoping to learn more about the BEMER system? Below you will find videos all about BEMER and links to current evidence on the technology and its effects on certain patient populations.

BEMER Informational Website


BEMER Therapy & Microcirculation Explained (35 Minutes):

What is BEMER – In Under 8 Minutes

How to Increase Blood Circulation – BEMER Therapy (4 Minutes)

BEMER Race Across America (RAAM) 2018 (4 Minutes)

What is BEMER – In Under 2 Minutes

Current Evidence:

BEMER Therapy Combined with Physiotherapy in Patients with Musculoskeletal Diseases: A Randomised, Controlled Double Blind Follow-Up Pilot Study.

Effect of BEMER magnetic field therapy on the level of fatigue in patients with multiple sclerosis: a randomized, double-blind controlled trial.

Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation (BEMER) for the treatment of type I complex regional pain syndrome: A pilot study.

Long-term effects of Bio-Electromagnetic-Energy Regulation therapy on fatigue in patients with multiple sclerosis.

If you are interested in the BEMER and its benefits, or how you may be able to experience this new technology, contact us here at Pearl Physical Therapy.

BEMER does not provide any medical advice or services. BEMER's statements or products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Statements made have not been evaluated by the FDA, Health Canada, COFEPRIS or other governmental agencies. All statements are for educational purposes only. Please consult with a licensed health care provider if you have any medical concerns, pre-existing injuries or conditions.

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